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Milestone’s tenant improvement experience runs a wide scope from the building of a 6,000 square foot Luxury Pet Hotel in the heart of downtown Calgary to development and renovations to medical and professional businesses. Milestone recently completed four optometrist offices through out Calgary. Our expertise and talent in working with business owners in all investitures allows us to completely customize a detailed project scope to create a space that will help directly benefit and grow your company.


Milestones has had several opportunities to help foster the needs of children in many of our communities through construction. Having heavily focused rolls working with private Christian based schools such as, Glenmore Christian Academy, Trinity Christian School and Heritage Christian Academy we have built, improved upon and created spaces for both students, and staff members to use for years to come. Milestone understands the importance in safety and has specific knowledge in working around students and staff during operational hours to create safe and respectful work site


Milestone has worked with many different church congregations through the development of new construction as well as the renovation and improvement of existing church spaces. Their biggest to date was the 14 month – 36,000 sq ft. expansion to First Alliance church. Milestone can help with the initial permitting stages all the way to the ribbon cutting ceremony. Through their experience in working with church committees they know how important community is and are proud to help them improve the experience once one walks in th


Safety Is Our Number One Commitment.



Milestone is proud to have an active Certificate of Recognition, Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR), recognized through the government of Alberta. As a SECOR member, Milestone verifies, maintains and fully implements a proactive safe work place for you and our workers. We have a fully certified Safety Coordinator on our team to conduct weekly site meetings, ensure all documentation is processed properly and that all workers and visitors on our site have been orientated to know and understand Milestones Health and Safety Procedures and Policies.

Our safety commitment to you:

  • Creating a proactive workplace health and safety culture;

  • Reducing the risks and costs associated with workplace incidents;

  • Improving the overall efficiency at your work site

  • Acknowledging all possible hazards on a work site in order to avoid incidents

  • Teaching and practicing safe and caring workplace habits on a day to day basis to ensure ALL persons onsite understand our policy and procedures

  • Ensure all workers, trades and Milestone team members act in a respectable, safe and professional manner

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